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Welcome to Abruzzo

A place to live and to love!

Discover the wonders of this Region, an area full of attractions lying between the highest peaks of the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea: from ski slopes to beaches, from natural parks to art cities, from medieval churches to castles and museums. Nature, culture, sport, flavours, wellbeing and enjoyment. Abruzzo’s wealth of colours is awaiting you

Discover Abruzzo




Discover Abruzzo

The territory of Abruzzo is scattered with villages, some perched amidst the mountains, other nestled into hillsides, and still other crowded into the narrow corridor between the highlands and the sea. In these places the language of history is spoken through urban structures…




National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise

Famous in Italy and worldwide as a model of conservation and environmental protection, over the past two decades the park has successfully undergone sustainable development thanks to the zoning of the territory, which has allowed the integration of the environment and…



Skiing resorts

Altopiano delle Rocche - Gran Sasso

The L’Aquila plain is set between two mountainsides: the imposing Gran Sasso to the north and the Sirente-Velino range to the south. The Altopiano delle Rocche plateau stretches along the latter, at an altitude between 1,250 and 1,340 metres, protected by the two massifs…



Customs and habits

Fairs and events, both sacred and profane

The Abruzzo Region is proud of its heritage of sacred and profane country fairs and rites which represent a cultural tradition of unaltered importance for its local populations.
To be acquainted with the history of its traditions and to discover it again by means of its events…




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