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The territory of Abruzzi is scattered with villages, some perched amidst the mountains, other nestled into hillsides, and still other crowded into the narrow corridor between the highlands and the sea. In these places the language of history is spoken through urban structures that can be dated back to the Romans, traces of even more ancient Italic populations, medieval squares and Renaissance or Baroque palaces. They are the soul of this region, the living spirit of the people who love the present but cherish the past, who understand the value of relationship that these towns, be they large or small, have with the natural environment that surrounds them.

Its bonds with the earth and with tradition have not prevented Abruzzo from looking into the future. The capacity of the local people to fight and the dynamism demonstrated in their constant quest for progress has taught them to exploit their own heritage to welcome visitors as few do. Let's take the towns along the coastal zone as an example, where summer tourism now plays a leading role and where the town centres offer avant-garde organisation. Another example is the Costa dei Trabocchi, which followed in the footsteps of it regional capital of Chieti to transform itself into a seaside paradise dotted with characteristic wharfs with their trebuchet, an elaborate system of fishing nets. Even Pescara and the surrounding towns are now counted among the liveliest of the Adriatic.

The mountain villages in the provinces of Teramo and L’Aquila also responded to this call for renewal launched from the sea by promoting their deeply-rooted cultural legacy, but with a view to meeting modern demands, like those related to sport. These efforts gave rise to a series of ski resorts that, in addition to lodgings and lift facilities, are also excellent starting points to explore the wondrous mountains of Abruzzo on cross-country or downhill skis.



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