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Cagionetti pastries

Cagionetti pastries

“Caggionetti” or “calgionetti”, also known in local dialect as “caggiunitt’”, are one of the most widespread and famous of Abruzzo’s typical pastries. They are similar to ravioli in shape, with crumbly, golden pastry and a filling that varies from district to district. This is a winter delicacy, made mainly at Christmas, and the recipe includes a filling of chestnuts, honey, sugar, candied citron, grated dark chocolate, toasted and ground almonds, rum, grated lemon peel and cinnamon. The two most well-known variations use either chickpeas or a classic grape jam called “scrucchiata”. The traditional recipe starts by peeling chestnuts which are then boiled and pureed. Then honey is boiled and sugar, candied citron, chocolate, almonds, rum, grated lemon peel and cinnamon are stirred in. This mixture should be left for at least one day and the next day a glass of white wine and a glass of extra virgin olive oil are added. When the pastry is ready, a thin dough is rolled out and cut into small circles, where the filling is added and the pastry is folded over and sealed, to be fried in plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Alternatively the pastries may be baked. The processing method described by Rino Faranda in his “Gastronomia Teramana“ (Edizione Tercas - Teramo 1978) has been in standard use and applied the traditional recipe for at least 25 years.


Source: Atlas of Abruzzo’s traditional products – ARSSA - Regional Agency for Abruzzo’s agriculture development



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