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Common bean

Common bean

Typical of the Paganica and Onna plain, these beans are seeds of the Phaseolus vulgaris legume and are ivory white to yellow, or even pale hazelnut in colour. The cultivation is typical water-based and growth is unspecific; this bean is staked with canes or branches as it grows. Sowing is in spring, on manure-covered soil, after wheat but before vegetables. It was once customary to sow the beans with corn, with one row of beans to two of corn. The corn served as a support to bean plants When the corn was ripe, both crops where harvested and left to dry; when the ears of corn were removed, the beans were then threshed. The remaining chaff was excellent fodder for livestock. Nowadays threshing is still manual, whereas small-diameter sifters are used for finishing. The beans are stored in dry premises. Late eighteenth-century references to the cultivation of various types of legumes in the Province of L’Aquila can be found in Teodoro Bonanni's book “Le antiche industrie della provincia dell'Aquila” (1888),which mentions many leguminous crops grown locally. Local farming of the common bean is documented from the early twentieth century.

Source: Atlas of Abruzzo’s traditional products – ARSSA - Regional Agency for Abruzzo’s agriculture development



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