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Teramo-style mazzarelle parcels

Teramo-style mazzarelle parcels

“Mazzarelle”, a speciality of the Province of Teramo, are parcels of lamb offal wrapped in endive leaves. The preparation of this recipe is unique and complex, and is thus often entrusted to expert cooks and artisans. Lamb intestines are slit lengthwise, washed and rinsed thoroughly (cleaning is completed by plunging them into flour and then rolling them in it at least three times). When they are pale and clean, they are washed again in water and vinegar. The pluck is then prepared, cutting it into strips the length and width of a finger, which are salted along with the intestines, then rinsed and left to drain. A bouquet of chopped fresh garlic, parsley, endive leaves and fresh onion is prepared separately. The pluck is then wrapped in the endive leaves after seasoning the lamb intestines with the onion, parsley and garlic. The parcel is now tied with the intestines and allowed to drain and the “mazzarella” is ready to cook. “Mazzarelle” are cooked in a saucepan just with oil, adding half a glass of water and white wine after the oil and juices have been absorbed and evaporated. Finally, a handful of marjoram leaves and a pinch of pepper are added. The dish is served and consumed piping hot. Similar to Teramo “mazzarelle” are “torcinelli”, typical of the Province of Chieti, especially the Maiella foothill area. The raw material is, again, lamb gut, partly chopped with garlic, pepper, sweet dry peppers, salt and parsley. Then the lamb paunch is cut into small squares that will be filled with the previously prepared mixture and then tied up with the remaining gut. These may be cooked in a saucepan, with or without tomato, or with potato, or in an earthenware container covered with embers, or oven baked. Another derivation, also typical of the Chieti area, are “panzette”, in other words rolls of lamb tripe that has been carefully cleaned and defatted (some cooks leave the tripe overnight in water and lemon juice), then filled with more tripe that has been chopped and seasoned with garlic, parsley, cubes of semi-mature cow’s milk cheese, celery and carrot. The rolls are tied with twine and blanched for about 10 minutes, then boiled in a saucepan of salted boiling water with onion and carrot. Another recipe using lamb or kid offal is “marro”, traditional to the Province of L’Aquila. Ingredients include lung and liver, which are carefully washed and cut into finger-size strips, intestine and lamb or kid paunch, called “rizza ossia” in dialect, pig lard, all seasoned with garlic, rosemary, bay leaves and pepper. The paunch is opened out like a napkin, almost square, and pieces of lung and liver are placed on top, then seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and chopped bay leaf, in that order, then covered with thinly- sliced lard. The corners of the membrane are overlapped to form a roll, about 15-18cm in length, which must be tightly bound with ovine gut that has been carefully washed in salted water and rinsed under running water. This large roll is traditionally roasted on beech embers.


Source: Atlas of Abruzzo’s traditional products – ARSSA - Regional Agency for Abruzzo’s agriculture development



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