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Vicoli Protected Territorial Park

A mule track descends from the old Medieval hamlet of Vicoli (Pesaro), now completely abandoned, and travels toward the Nora River to reach the territorial park, crossing it. This protected territory, established in 1990, is just a few kilometres east of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, and comprises about ten hectares of mixed forest, with hornbeams, laburnum and hazels. In the warmer, more exposed areas, we find the downy oak, while amongst the shrubs we note juniper and broom. Moving closer to the watercourse, we find the sheltering vegetation common to wetlands, with willows and poplars. Various birds of prey make their nests in the woodlands, amongst which tawny owls and barn owls, but the skies are also home to the kestrel and the buzzard, while the riverbanks host the kingfisher, forever hunting the trout, chubs and barbels which populate these waters. In the woods we can find the tracks of mustelids such as the badger, weasel and beech marten, and on occasion we may come upon a fox.
Especially suited to family trips, the park is equipped with two picnic areas and other stopping places, children’s games, and a fitness trail, and it is crossed by a network of paths of about 6 km, part of which can be travelled by bicycle or on horseback. Plans have been made to refurbish a noble dwelling in the village to provide tourists with hospitality facilities. The old mill will be converted into a Visitors’ Centre and a museum.


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